Friday, October 7, 2016

NFL Players and Emotional Control

If you are a Giant fan you are most likely amazed by Odell Beckham, Jr's talent but very frustrated by his lack of discipline with his emotions. What does Mr. Beckham need to do? In the eyes of a football coach he really needs to start thinking like an offensive player and stop reacting like a defensive player. Simply put: Odell Beckham, Jr. thinks he can play wide receiver like he is middle linebacker. As a Defensive Coordinator on the high school level for 20+ years I can say this: he can't! To be successful at this game at any level, a player must adapt a mindset that is conducive to the side of the ball he is playing. Why? Simple. Defensive success depends on a player's quick reaction time to offensive advances as the play is unfolding; while offensive success depends on a player's mental discipline in controlling their emotions after the snap to insure the play is run as designed. In my self-help book, 4 Downs to Anger Control (Finish Line Press, 1999), this concept is described in the chapter "Thinking Offensively." This book uses the game of football as a metaphor to teach the reader easily remembered skills and new ways of approaching problems. By thinking offensively, the reader is encouraged to maintain mental discipline during stress and avoid the tendency to react spontaneously with reckless abandon to problem situations. This is a formula for emotional mastery but practice is the key:  whether it involves a football player on the field like Odell Beckham Jr., or you taking on all your daily stressors each and everyday. To help master this thinking skill the following exercise is easy to remember during emotional times:


Concentrate on

Just as practice drills better prepare players for success during the game, the same holds true for practicing thinking skills. Make no mistake, players like Odell Beckham Jr. can benefit from using the Don't R.E.A.C.T. Reminder on and off the field AND so can you!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Put Quotes in Your Mental Toolbox

Favorite quotes are mini power tools for success and I guarantee all successful individuals carry around a mental bag full of them. Motivational, inspirational, contemplative and reflective, the quotes you keep in your arsenal for life's challenges are critical to maintain your focus and persistence. One of my favorites is from Lou Holtz, former Notre Dame Head Football Coach:  "Don't tell me how rocky the sea is, just bring the darn ship in." This direct, swift kick in the tail quote reminds me that regardless of how difficult life seems there is a job to be done and I need to get at it. You can always find an excuse not to do your best or to give up. This quote reminds me I have a choice and it motivates me to get moving if I want to be the best I can be despite obstacles. What's your motivating quote?

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

About Me

I'm presently the Student Assistance Coordinator at Middletown High School South in Middletown, NJ. I have worked in public schools in this capacity for the last 20 years. I am also a NJ Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC LCADC) with a private therapy practice in Morganville specializing in the treatment of substance abuse and anger management problems. My style is direct and motivational and is a result of my combined experiences as a therapist and high school football coach. I published the self-help book 4 Downs to Anger Control in 1999 which uses football as a metaphor to facilitate the teaching and retention of anger management skills to specialized populations. 4 Downs to Anger Control was the text selected by the Florida International University Football Team to use following the nationally televised fight with the University of Miami in 2006 as an educational tool. The book has also been purchased by NFL teams for player development programs and by the NJ Department of Corrections for inmate life skills education. My career focus has also been in the area of bullying prevention and intervention, and my website has been operational since 2001. This site offers schools, students and parents a free reporting tool and plenty of advice and specialized skills for students. My football coaching experience has amassed 21 seasons as a Defensive Coordinator. My teams have been to 6 State Championship Games and we were fortunate to win 3 State Titles.